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  • p - paragraph tag
  • head - heading of the web page h1 to h6
  • body - body of the page
  • a - anchor tag
  • br - line Break
  • sub - subscript it will used in formulas like h20 the 2 will be diaplay lower
  • sup - Superscript it will be used in formula like x2+y2 the 2 wiil be upper square value
  • b - Bold
  • i - Italic
  • strong - symantic markup eg: show the most important or highlight
  • emp - Emphasisi also italic but it will represent special
  • q - Quote declare thet key word or some important word
  • blockquote - to declare a line or paragraph
  • cite - citatiion to declare the whole one eg: Thirukkural it consists of 1330 kural.
  • def - Definition - to explain the meaning of the word
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    href - Used to create a link id - Identity tag target - new tab using target='_blank' in href tag title - your page title hr - Horizontal line can be used to seperate the paragraph

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    img - Image src - screen tag src figure - to show imgae figurecaption - declare the figure naem below eg; fig 2.1 alt - Alternative Name width - left to right size of the image height - Height from upto down of the image bg - Background color

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    table - Table tr - Table row td - Table data rowspan - Cover a whole rowspan colspan - Cover a whole column

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    br - Break tag ol - Order list ul - Unorder list dl - Definition list li - List item dd - Definition data

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    input - data enter or buttnon any thing select - list of data like dop down selected - used to mark or select default one option - list is of datas multiple - select the multiple data in drop down type - represent the data type eg: text, password, send, etc
  • radio - Radio button selcet one option eg: male or female , yes or no etc.
  • checkbox - Checkbox for select more than one option
  • checked- autoset default radio or checkbox options name - content Name placeholder - display value inside the box( when you type it will hide) rows - NO of rows cols - no of columns size - declare box size maxlenght - length of the inpur data value - to set default value to know that what is field send to the server method - append data is visible in the search box or not two types of mode used in form
  • get - append the data in the search box as a query strings
  • post - behind the scenes not append to the search box
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